How to Manage your Business’s Online Reputation

If you are into a business, no doubt that you want more and more people should know about your products or services. In this digitalized world, the online presence of your business is very crucial to soar your business to new heights

If a client is looking for a product or service these days, the primary issue that nearly everybody will is search online. The existence of “word of mouth” has been forgotten for an extended time, folks pay longer on the web and trust what is written there. Publishing is, therefore, open that you’re online business presence isn’t any longer simply in your hands, it may be controlled by customers /competitor, it should be your goal for 2019 to observe and manage this effectively and showing intelligence for your profit.

So the first tip for managing your business reputation is “increase the time, team and money you devote for managing your online reputation”, depending on the size of your business.

Here are some ways to increase your online presence:

• This year try to improve the appearance/ quality of your website. Every information related to your business should be available in a very easy and straightforward manner.
• Your site should be accurately updated related to map location, address, product/service details, and contact details.
• Video reviews are trending this year, so lure your customers for their positive reviews in video form and in return award them. Customer trust reviews from other people as a personal recommendation and videos make a more lasting impact. The customer turns more to review when it is a negative or unpleasant experience. You should handle these reviews immediately and for positive reviews, your customers should be reminded regularly.
• Make sure your website is appearing in the mobile search engine as well, it is better if you have an APP for your business, regularly update your APP and ways to increase its presence in search engines (SEO Optimization) should always be in your mind.
• Social media presence of your business is a must. Make sure you have a profile with your business name in many social platforms your target audience is using.
• Be smart, keep your eyes open for many automatic tools available for monitoring and updating your website. Some of them are Hootsuite, Zoho Special, Mail Chimp, Google alerts.etc. Do more search in this field as per your business requirement.
• If possible start writing blogs related to your business or take help from many content writers available to write for your product or business. Blogs are in fashion, For example, if you are in garments business, start a blog related to trending fashion, fashion shows and provides backlinks to your website.
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