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Twitter is a simple concept and an excellent way of micro-blogging with photo or occasional link. It is easy to follow your family and friends to stay updated with their goings-on. That is not all rather you can follow a celebrity here too. You can interact with your favorite celebrity which is a great joy.

What Twitter Offers?

Most of such people do not just tweet once rater they keep tweeting after every hour or more often. If you follow everything that interests you, it will be confusing and exhausting to see hundreds of tweets displaying in your feed every day. While being overwhelmed is a joy in starting, it may lead you to abandon twitter later.

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    Twitter is a simple concept and an excellent way of micro-blogging with photo or occasional link...

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How to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts?

When there is a problem, there is a solution too. Whatever time you dedicate to Twitter every day, there is a tool available to ease you off with better twitter activities management. Here are few excellent twitter management tools that come as a great help to keep your twitter activity in check.

  • HootSuite.com – It is free yet great tool to manage multiple social media accounts varying from twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn. With the help of this tool, you can personalize columns that enable you viewing numerous feeds from the same account or even multiple feeds from various social accounts. Besides, it facilitates you creating a message and select which accounts you wish to post the message automatically.
  • Easy Tweets – It serves as a low-coast tool to help you with multiple account management. This tool facilitates you for automatically posting RSS feed content as well as tracking RSS traffic in the Google Analytics. Hence, it is easy to track traffic from twitter and understand what users are up to when they visit your site. Here, if you pay more, you can track feeds, continuous searches and accounts.
  • TweetDeck – With TweetDeck, you can keep track of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace activities from multiple social accounts. It also facilitates you update your accounts, save searches, follow topics and manage conversations. It comes with few advanced features that enable you to record and share video clips after watching, view YouTube videos from or within the tool. You can also share photos as it supports Twitgo, Flickr and Mobypicture.
  • CoTweet – Another great tool to help you with twitter management is CoTweet. You can easily manage multiple twitter accounts using a single login. It also enables you to monitor brand and keyword through twitter search. The distinguishing feature of this tool is its excellent capabilities of workflow management. When any reply appears in your account, you can immediately assign it to a person on your CoTweet task to reply to. Other person will be notified via email and on their CoTweet pages.
  • PeopleBrowsr – Currently available in Beta version, PeopleBrowsr provides a simple and visual browser-based dashboard view of activities. It uses an interface equal to email with the Twitter or various other social feed displaying as a list amidst the screen. You can create and manage groups using any of the various social sites which you can later view everything in a group in their own widget.

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