Facebook Ad Campaign Management

Facebook Ad Campaign Management

How to Improve
the Facebook Campaign Management?

Facebook Ad campaign is one of the most efficient and popular ways of social media marketing. Facebook ad tools can help you save time, effort and manage your budget of ad campaigns. Setting up your Facebook campaign can assist you better organize, optimize and measure the great performance of your ads.

How to Structure your Facebook campaigns?

Any Facebook Campaign structure has three levels that include Campaign, Ad set and Ad. A campaign includes one or more than one ad sets and ads. You can select one advertising goal for every campaign. Ad sets have one or more ads where you can define the targeting, schedule, budget, bidding and placement etc. Ad includes all the creative that you use.

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  • Google Search Advertising

    Advertise your business/product on top of google search result.

  • Google Display Advertising

    Advertise your product/service at the right place and get more traffic to your website.

  • Remarketing Campaigns

    Remarketing campaigns are dynamic ways to reach people and draw traffic to the website and multiply sales.

Why Right Structure is Important?

The right structure can assist you in the following ways:

  • You can easily measure the results and allocate budgets to achieve your desired level of success.
  • Creating an ad set for each audience will help you decide the most responsive audience.
  • Finding out which ads work better becomes easy. You can create multiple ads so that system can optimize for the top performing ad based on variation in links, images, test or videos.
  • You can also structure your account with the use of the ads create tool.

Tips for a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

Follow a Schedule!
Most of the customers tend to stop following a company because of their too repetitive and boring posts. Create a social media schedule for example post something in the morning that include greeting and then in the afternoon followed by an evening post.

Variation is a Must!
Varying the posts can make your followers stay connected. A great way to vary posts is just post a related video, image, article or infographic. You can also try humor to enjoy a great response on the social media. So, don’t hesitate to post funny business-related picture once in a while.

Engaging the Followers!
Start responding to the queries, comments to engage the followers. You can also hold contest or seeking opinions on article or asking questions about any kind of interesting facts. Once fans start realizing that their opinions are valued, they will be back or even recommend to their peer group.

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