What Is SEO And How To Create A Dominant SEO Strategy For 2020?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice whereby you can generate organic traffic for your website, through organic search engines. SEO helps you in getting genuine audience, who help you in reaching your goals. The more traffic you have the better it is. Ads are a major part of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) and for organic traffic you need not pay. With the use of search engine algorithm, all information is gathered and then as per the requested search, the results are displayed.

SEO is a vital part of strategy for any digital marketer or website owner. This is a very important aspect and will remain to continue even in the year 2020.

However, the strategies that would be dominant in year 2020 are as follows:

  1. List of the topics

Keywords are very important for any SEO strategy. However they are not the most important things rather you need to have a list of topics for the first month up to the next month. This can be done by making a list of 10 short words and terms that are related to the product you are dealing in. Google’s keyword tool could be of immense use to help in finding the search volume and create variations that can be associated to your business. The words can be used to create short tail keywords, which would further help ion creating long tail keywords. The short tail keywords are thus called pillars as it serves the base for larger “cluster” of long-tail keywords.

  1. Long-tail keywords based on topics

For each pillar that has been observed, it is important to create a long-tail keyword. There needs to be 10 different long-tail keyword that are organically used in the topic so as to get better higher ranking. The content can thus be created by keyword research, optimized images, creation of SEO strategy and other smaller topic or paragraphs in the SEO.

  1. Unique page for each topic

For each pillar topic that has been created as per point one, create a web page for each of the outline at high level. Thus for each pillar topic there is a page but then it should be for a specific product or service or location that you are offering. Each web page needs to consist images and links to pages so as to enhance the user experience.

  1. Start a blog

To engage your users in 2020 and to get significant rank in  keyword it is crucial to have blog post. Each blog post is web page that gives you a chance to rank higher in the SERPs. Here you will put up detailed information on each of the product, service or location and attract more and more of traffic and presence on Google.

  1. Put more blogs each week for enhanced page authority

Blogging is for audience and it portray information about your line of products or services. Therefore, blogging every week will attract the users in search of information. The blog should have content that can keep the audience hooked. With the information in a very subtle way just pass on the information.

  1. Create a link-building plan

Link building is a way to focus on the off-page SEO. Link building or getting backlinks to website from other pages is also a great way to get better rank on the SERPs.  Connect with the ones in the same line or associated and in their blog add a backlink that is associated with their product but lead to your webpage.

  1. Compress the media before putting it on the website

As your web site grows it will have more of images and content and storing all be difficult. The larger files are not easy to access and with compressing you can make your website easily accessible and responsive. Usual practice is to keep the file in kilobyte for improving its speed and accessibility.

Create an Excel or Google sheet to check the web page analytics and thereby with this, you can monitor the organic traffic that comes to your page and how and where you need to focus for a better improvement in future.


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