Top 10 Ways to Increase App Downloads

While beginning composition on this subject, I asked myself “when I have to download App and how I choose, which application to download”. So my first essential tip is – Just placed yourself into a client’s shoes and you will know the appropriate response of why individuals should download your App.
With nearly everybody having a Smartphone now, clearly there are heaps of App is available in a market, yet at the same time quality and consistency to win the race.
Application store indicates several choices, we will clearly search for initial 5-6 choices, so your App should lie there, and this is your App ranking. For this thing just we are doing all the diligent work. Your App ranking issues a great deal. ASO (App Store Optimization) is where you can check and upgrade its ranking.
So dependent on my experience I am outlining here tips to enhance your App Ranking.

Value Addition:

For, an App to be downloaded its content should be a necessity of market. For instance: these days a solid way of life, a fitness app, app related to fashion, news, and games are so much popular. Your App should have content which will improve the quality of their life.

Keywords Strength:

First, a user types some keywords in the search tab, so you should wisely select keywords so it is ranked high in the App store.

App Name and Description:

It should be concise and to the point. Some examples with photos and screenshots definitely attract the users.

App ranking and its reviews:

Do everything you can for this one thing. Request/attract users to provide rank and review for your App. Consistently answer or make a move on a client’s input; it will build your validity.

App updates and maintains:

Make sure that your App is updated regularly, and it is not crashed. If you get feedback that it was crashed, immediately get it corrected and make sure that it is never repeated. Make it bug-free.

App logo and Graphics:

Invest some time and effort for App logo and graphics. It plays an important role in attracting users. Still, that saying exists: One that looks great, moves great.

Advertise in social media:

Social media power is hidden from no-one, so make utilization of this incredible asset however much as could reasonably be expected to rely upon your target audience.


Ask your users to give referrals, in turn, favor them with some credits or discounts in In-App purchases.

App Size:

With so many Apps out there on my phone, I will prefer an App which is consuming comparatively less memory on my phone. So keep this in mind.


Include backlinks at relevant places, so user feel progressively fulfilled and they trust inauthenticity of the content.
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