Must have Google Add-in for Password Security

We are living in a world we feel that everywhere a camera is fitted to keep an eye on us. Same is the case when we type our passwords on websites. Some Websites may be fitted with cameras that can see and decode your encrypted passwords.

Much to our relief, Google has launched a tool named Password checkup extension tool which will check your password for its security and notify us to change it immediately so it is not prone to hacking. One question that immediately pops up in our mind, Will Google see my password? The answer to this is NO. This tool only checks the encrypted version of your password with a technique called cryptography researched and developed by Google and Stanford University experts.

Please, further note it is a warning popped up, it does not mean that someone has hacked your account it is just a proactive action that your a password is matching with already hacked passwords. This Chrome extension tool matches it with the already breached password database available, Google has a strong database of 4 billion credentials as reported this week. And if your password matches with any of those, it will pop up a warning message for us to change it immediately.

How to use this tool:

In Chrome web store type and search password checkup, download password checkup extension tool, confirm that you want to add this extension to your chrome, in the address bar right-hand side, a green color icon will appear, and it will work for your passwords.


Android devices do not support this extension It only works for web chrome browser.

I really hope they update it for Apps and mobile web browsers. Anyhow it is their first version, and it needs many updates and refinement.

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