Top ten SEO hacks for 2021

2020’s pandemic has spread the magic of digitalization to almost each and every home in most of the countries of the world. People have become more aware and in need of online growth. To make this possible, local SEO has been proved a great help to all those who have started working online and those who want to increase their already existing business’s market visibility.


Top ten SEO hacks for 2021


Google is the major platform that businesses choose to develop their online presence. Therefore it becomes essential to improve the market visibility of their website to withstand competition. Local SEO services helps all those who are new to this digital world and want to increase their Google ranking. Here are provided some top ten SEO hacks for the forthcoming years.


1. Create a Google ‘My Business’ page: This is the most important SEO trend if you are trying to grab the attention of local customers for your business. By improving the performance of Google my business (GMB) page you can get more website visitors to convert into potential ones.


2. Match your address, contact number and name on GMB with the website: This help search engine collect the most accurate data of your business for the reference of your customers.


3. Claim your listing on Bing and Yelp: It is important to consider your website image on Bing and yelp too. Bing is the third largest search engine used by customers and Yelp also has around eighty million users.


4. Get your client reviews: This is extremely important to develop trust among new customers and to your site visitors.


5. Optimize voice search: As most people search from voice, this feature can add more market to your newly developed online business.


6. Create location pages on your website: You can add all the location based information for giving a great feature to your audience.


7. Website submission in local directories: It is practically essential tip for your business online growth. Choose high domain authority directories.


8. Mobile friendly website: This can give more strength to the visitor capacity. You can expand to all types of customers.


9. Improve social media presence: Customers are more likely get attracted by watching your social media presence.


10. SEO audit: This helps in finding your competitors, SEO performance social signals and back links.


You can get a great website ranking with the help of local SEO Company India.


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