Why is Facebook a good marketing tool?

Why is Facebook a good marketing tool? And it’s strategies

The popularity of Facebook is soaring high and has one billion daily active users. Therefore, hands down, it is a treasure house for businesses and brands. It is the most favorable social media platform to advertise and promote your products and services to a large number of users.

Reasons Why Facebook is a Powerful Online Marketing Tool

  • Popularity
    There is no other social media platform that has touched so many lives. Thus, increasing brand awareness on Facebook could be a great option.
  • Larger Demographics
    The users of Facebook vary from large demographics right from teens to senior citizens. Therefore, your product can reach to a varied audience.
  • Fast Growth
    Facebook is not stagnant rather it is growing at a very fast pace. More and more individuals are joining each day. Therefore, aim at your target audience and connect with them at a faster pace.
  • Strong Target Of Facebook Ads
    Depending on the requirement of your product you can get the target audience. The Facebook ads are highly affordable therefore pinching your pocket you can connect with the right audience.

It is crystal clear that Facebook is a very strong marketing tool. However, using it for your business needs certain strategies.

Strategies to Follow Before Using Facebook

The various strategies to be used before using Facebook are as follows:

  • Set Goals
    The first and foremost strategy for Facebook marketing is to set goals. The results that you desire to generate from Facebook marketing should be clear. The goal could be creating brand awareness, increase website, traffic, gain direct leads, connect with end users and so on, thus depending on the goal adjust your strategy. No set or specific strategy will suit all thus as per your requirements select your strategy. Setting up a SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely) strategy will help you in the long run.
  • Consumer Centric
    Facebook marketing is totally waste of time if you do not connect with your target audience. Select your target audience and connect with them after finding them from the correct group. Like if you are selling a childcare product you need to advertise in mommies’ group. To build the apt audience you can use Facebook Ads Manager. Build custom audience by clicking on the “Audience” section. Then click “create audience” and then select the “custom audience” on the dropdown list.
  • Set Your Budget
    Plan your monthly budget for Facebook marketing. Facebook is a money-driven platform. As long as you intend to pay on your posts and ads, Facebook will display your ads and put the page in front of viewers. Facebook marketing budget will include pages like ads, conversions, lead generator ads, boosted posts and content creation. The more money you put the more followers you will get although it is not organic but then it is helpful is reaching the correct audience.
  • Interesting Content
    After ascertaining your goals and target audience now its time with an estimated budget now its time to draft a very interesting content to post on your Facebook page. Plan your posts much in advance and on regular basis upload five posts per week. Planning ahead will ensure that you post only good quality content. The content should be of good quality, easy to read, and interesting this will engage the readers. It will be a great idea to include images, videos, and gifs in the content.
  • Engaging Ads
    Apart from creating engaging Facebook content it is also essential that you create quality Facebook ads. Use bright quality clear images to attract the readers.
  • Access Daily
    Monitor your Facebook account on daily basis this will ensure that you are responding to the messages and comments on daily basis. This will help you in developing a strong bond with the viewers and create a positive brand image for your brand. People love interacting with brands and this gives them positive vibes about the brands.
  • A/B Split Test
    With the split test you will be able to understand which option of the two is better. Of the two available options what resonates more with your audience and thus you can change accordingly to attract the consumers and optimize the results.

Following these strategies helps your business to stand out of the crowd and fulfill its business goals.

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