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Best PPC Tools 2020. Pay Per Click Tools That Help you do Keywords, Ad copy.

If you are planning to start Google PPC campaign. Creating a best PPC campaign can be a long and smart task. From the initial you need to work on some analysis and research like business analysis, market research, audience research and keyword research is the major task before creating the campaign. After that landing page creation and ongoing keyword optimization and creating a successful campaign can be a very time-consuming.

There are many impressive PPC tools available which can significantly reduce the amount of time you need to put into your campaign. If you’re currently a Running PPC campaign and regularly deal with your own or client’s PPC campaigns, then you should need to pay attention.

We’ve handpicked the best and most efficient Pay per click tools that will save your time and effort. These tools will help you do Keyword, Ad Copy and Profit Analysis.

Competitor Research via Google

Easiest way to find out who are your competitors in the search marketing. You can search your targeted keywords in the Google. You need to do the following things.

Determine keywords.

People use keywords for searching products or services to buy (keywords) or they are searching to learn something. For example, people who search for digital marketing agency or Software Company to improve their online business.

Get some relevant keywords ideas:

When you scroll down of the search results page, you will find up to eight relevant keyword phrases, which you can also target in your campaign.

You can view your competitors ad formats, copy, and landing pages your.


Below is some best Pay per Click Tools list


Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tool or you can say second largest crawler behind Google itself is Ahrefs. Although it’s popular for as a SEO tool, Ahrefs tool has a lots of PPC functionality. With the ability to research competitor’s ads, like find out keywords, ad copy and Landing page.

Apart from the PPC features, Ahrefs also has a huge keywords database which is perfect for doing keyword research. And it’s also allow you to arrange them by price, volume and difficulty. It also has an impressive feature that shows you how much traffic for given keywords comes from organic search vs paid search.


SpyFu is one of the most popular PPC tool on our list of must-have PPC software is SpyFu. It’s help to search for a competitor. See every keyword they’ve ever bought on Google and every ad test they’ve run. Make their successes your own and avoid their mistakes. Following are the best SpyFu PPC Features.

  • Adwords Competitors keywords SpyFu Tools.
  • Monitor PPC Competitors.
  • Find out the competitors keywords which you don’t buy.
  • PPC Ad Rank Tracker.
  • PPC Negative match recommendation.
  • Adwords keywords grouping tools.



SEMrush allows you to find out your PPC competitors based on the keywords you plan to target. After that you can click on your competitors to see their ads toward and the ad copy they use. Pricing for this tool starts at $99.95 per month. You can run a few sample queries to see limited data provided by this tool.


iSpionage allows you to gain insight into competitors’ effective keywords, ad copy, and ad budget. It’s providing solutions for SEM professionals to save time in gathering search intelligence data about their competitors. iSpionage’s SEM Watch enables search marketing professionals to visualize buyers’ journey from acquisition to conversions.  Pricing for this tool starts at $59 per month. You can run a few sample queries to see limited data provided by this tool.

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