Top technical SEO mistakes to avoid

For your digital growth, SEO is an important source for establishing your digital brand. The reason behind this is that most of the genuine visits are recorded via Google as the visits from social media platforms have become deliberately lowered down in number. More than thirty-five percent of site visits are referred by Google. Therefore, SEO is an essential component if you want to improve the rank of your website on Google search engine result pages.

Technical mistakes to avoid in SEO

SEO mistakes should be greatly avoided while performing SEO as they might harm your website’s reputation. The top mistakes that you can avoid are:


Unsatisfied search intent: In spite of writing quality and most appropriate content, if you are failed to target your required market then it is of no use. It is basically the intent behind the search of the user that should be directed to the right page or section of your website.

Traditional SEO techniques: The digital platform is changing at a very fast pace and so are the SEO techniques. It is important to be up-to-date on the latest upcoming SEO techniques to maintain your website’s position. Always ready to adapt and apply modern and latest SEO techniques.

Aware of Google updates: If you are doing SEO then it is mandatory to keep updated on Google’s latest updates. Google keeps on updating its algorithm which doesn’t work on improper or old SEO. This affects your website traffic and you might lose the one that is most valuable for your website. Moreover, Google may penalize your website for not following its updates.

Ignoring search features and structured data: Structured data is an important component to land on the first page of the search engine. This helps in making the search result look bigger than other listings on the search engine page.

Not focusing on branded anchor text: Anchor texts are essential for your SEO and plays a huge role in developing link building strategy. So, even if you are getting enough backlinks from reputable sources, the anchor text of these links is really important.

It is better to avoid these technical SEO mistakes and keep your focus on modern SEO techniques by staying informed on the latest Google updates.

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