What is the full form of S E O?

SEO is called Search Engine Optimization is the procedure of optimizing the online content and improving the quality and quantity of website traffic. SEO directs unpaid traffic to the website and not paid or direct traffic. A good SEO shows the particular website page on top results at the search engine for a certain keyword.

What is SEO?

SEO is simply the rule of improving your website’s visibility on the search engine for the relevant searches. The better the visibility of the pages of your website at the search engine, the more potential traffic it attracts at your website that has the ability to convert into a lead or customer.

What are the features of SEO?

SEO has some essential features that help in increasing the visibility of the website pages at the search engine.


Potentiality to customize the title tags, Meta tags, URL’s, Meta description, and header tags: SEO has the ability to customize the essential features of your website to make it more valuable and to control the way how it appears in the search result. You can add strategic keywords to these tags that compel searchers to click on your page than the competitor’s page.
Mobile Customization: One of the most amazing features of SEO is mobile customization. As more and more people are using mobile for checking out websites for online shopping and various other purposes. SEO helps in customizing the websites to rank well on mobile phones.
A powerful internal search feature: This is the SEO’s amazing feature that helps in controlling the internal search feature to show up externally. Internal search result pages are very powerful tools in terms of developing an SEO strategy as they have only the information that the buyers are specifically looking for.

Good customer support and a great technical team: SEO features are helpful in providing great customer support with the help of a good technical team to make proper customizations for a good online image.

Benefits of SEO

There are many benefits of SEO such as:

• Your website can only get quality traffic by attracting only those searchers who are specifically looking for any information.
• The great investment in SEO is writing quality content and there is no need to pay for ads.

• SEO gets more clicks than PPC.

• SEO helps in PR by creating a successful link building program.

SEO services

There are three types of SEO services:

• Technical SEO analyzes a website’s technical factors.
On-Page SEO is visible on-page and affects the website’s ranking.

• Off-page SEO is the creation of backlinks.

• Organic SEO works for international ranking.

SEO is simply a strategy for your website that helps you move ahead of the competition by improving your online presence.

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