Responsive Web Design : An Essential Factor For Smooth Experience

responsive web design

With the continuous rise of mobile users all around the globe, the need and requirement to enhance their use has been a constant effort of all inventors.

An Android phone, which is a constant in our life, stays with us, catering to every sphere of our daily needs. So, it becomes of utmost importance that the user is delivered the best. The visual aid offered by a mobile phone assists in simplifying the use of this gadget and, after a point of time, makes the user habitual and well-versed with every feature and option available to use.

This concern heightens the importance of responsive web design that aims to empower the visual aspect of a mobile phone. Many times, we ourselves have observed that we don’t frequently prefer to switch from one device to another, This is because we have been well versed with all features and are habitual to the visual aids provided by the same. This leads to empowering the visual display in such a comprehensive manner, that the user finds himself at ease while using this over-prospering invention of mankind.

Firstly, let’s have a quick glance at ‘What is Responsive Web Design’?

Responsive Web Design is a website design or layout that adjusts itself with reference to the device it is being used on, i.e. whether it is a desktop monitor, laptop, android phone, or tablet, it looks forward to giving the best in class visibility to enhance one’s experience.

Perks of Responsive Web Design

Being human, we all have a tendency to draw conclusions based on what we see. This outlook of ours makes it of utmost importance that the responsive web design should be eye-appealing and appropriate enough to deal with. Therefore, it becomes important to design these with utmost care and precision. Amongst many, let’s look into some major benefits of responsive web design –

(i) Enhanced SEO
The major advantage of an impressive responsive web design is that it enhances search engine rankings. The more responsive a website is, the higher it will be ;its place in the search result will be at the top and vice-versa.

(ii) Enriched User Experience
A responsive web design marks a positive and fruitful impression on the user that makes their experience enriching.

(iii) Heightens Traffic
The global traffic on the internet is rising with the number of internet users. In such a case, the chances of getting more traffic increase on all those web pages that offer responsive web design.

(iv) Speeding the Website Loading Time
In the fast-paced world, no one looks forward to sparing their time in buffering the many times a site takes to load. Therefore, if a website loads and responds quickly, it increases the experience of the user, adding to another benefit offered by responsive web design.

(v) Decreases Bounce Rate
Firstly, bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who quit a website just after seeing the first page. But with responsive web design, this problem can be solved as a smooth surfing experience heightens the user’s stay for a longer span of time.

Consequences :
With people using the internet with ease, responsive web design aims to improve their experience and mark a positive impression that will take a website to leaps and bounds of growth and prosperity. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a responsive web design that meets the needs of the user tremendously.


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