What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console – What is it?

Google Search Console is a free Google service, which lets people gauge their site’s presence in the search engine results and maintain the same. Search Console doesn’t ask you to sign up for it before it could rank your site in Google search results. However, if you consider signing up with it, you can better understand the way your site is visited and optimized for its performance by Google.

Why Google Search Console is important?

Google search console helps you ensure:
If your content is accessible to Google
our content is submitted for crawling
Any content you want to hide from search results is removed
Your content is monitored properly and finds place amid eye-catching search results
Any malware is removed and your site is clean
Your site is maintained without any interruption to search performance
Search Console helps a wide group of people such as:
Business owners who represent their company
Site administrators
SEO specialists
Web developers
Using Google search console is easy if you are able to verify your domain ownership. For verification, you need:
Add a HTML tag to your site< head>
Log in to domain name provider
Use Google Analytics
Use your Google Tag Manager account
Upload HTML file
If you use more than one technique of verification, your ownership will be stronger.

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